INSTALLATION > Akedah Altar, 2021

Akedah Altar is a sculpture created to fit on a specific mountaintop east of Twentynine Palms, CA, off Highway 62, in the Sheephole Valley Wilderness. It took five separate trips over the course of two weeks to physically hike the sculpture (which dismantles into 23 pieces) up the mountain. Meant to reach the top for the 20th anniversary of 9-11, it was finally assembled on Friday September 24th. On Saturday September 25th I performed a 25 minute sermon/performance that paid homage to the attacks of 9-11, while connecting those events to the story of Abraham binding Isaac in near sacrifice, according to the Jewish Torah / book of Genesis. After three days in situ, the sculpture was dismantled on Monday September 27th, and hiked back down the mountain. This project was exhibited as a full body of work at Vielmetter Los Angeles in May 2022.

Akedah Altar is made of basswood that was whitewashed, burned, and sealed.