PERFORMANCE > Desert Liturgy, 2017

Performance of the Desert Liturgy
Performance of the Desert Liturgy

Soon after the 2016 Presidential election I decided to return to religion through my work. I rewrote the Ten Commandments for contemporary times through a politically progressive lens. (They can be seen on the back of the ten paintings titled "The Decalogue, 2017" in the PAINTINGS section.)

The paintings were exhibited within the sculpture "Decalogue Chapel, 2017", in the SCULPTURE section.

This project was unveiled in April 2017 for the Joshua Treenial at Boxo Projects in Joshua Tree, CA. I collaborated with longtime friend the Rev. Scott D. Young for the project, and he created an ecumenical liturgical program to be performed three times a day for the opening weekend. His lead essay, "Eulogy for the Twin Pillars of American Identity: The American Dream and American Exceptionalism" can be found among the images to the left. The mostly non-religious crowd attending the weekend found refuge and solace as we came together to reflect on the shifting political environment.