SCULPTURE > Rebuilt Homestead, 2010

Partially Collapsed Homestead
Partially Collapsed Homestead
c-print framed in salvaged remains of the sculpture
16" x 21"

A year after documenting the homestead using my Mapping Perspective technique, I returned to the site and found it knocked down. There were deep tire tracks surrounding the structure, suggesting that someone may have tied it to a truck and purposely destroyed it. The words "Kill The Dead" were freshly spray painted over the doorway. I was distraught by this, but immediately had a thought: I have photographic documentation of what it used to look like when standing. If I treat my photographs as if they are architectural blueprints, I could rebuild the structure according to the perspective when standing in the middle of it.

I decided it would be best to rebuild the structure using some of the beams from the rubble, and make the structure large enough for a person to walk in and have a 360 degree view when standing in the center. I proposed this sculpture to the curatorial team at LAXART Los Angeles in 2010 and they exhibited the sculpture in May 2010.

Image courtesy Robert Wedemeyer.