INSTALLATION > Flatland: A Collision of Architectures, 2011

Flatland: A Collision of Architectures
Flatland: A Collision of Architectures
oil paintings, painted walls, 2x4's
dimensions variable

The final installation at EGHQ (Emma Gray Headquarters), Culver City, CA 2011.

The cast shadows of the homestead were painted directly on the walls. The six paintings hung within the forced perspective of the cast shadows.

The only section of the homestead that bisected the gallery space featured the door and most of a window. I reconstructed that section to actual scale out of 2x4's.

One window painting continued the section of missing window next to the door.

One window painting fell in a corner of the room.

One window painting fell across two walls and therefore consisted of two separate linen surfaces.

When standing in the room at the point where the photo ball was placed to project light, visually the perspective of the room looked correct.

Photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer